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Post-Consumer recycled products

What is Post-Consumer recycled plastic?

The plastic has been out into the world and used as another product, carton liner, stretch wrap etc. Once used this plastic is then collected, usually by pre-existing and taxpayer funded waste management programs it is then sorted, shredded, washed, dried and re-pelletized. It is then extruded into another product.

Why is Post-Consumer recycling better?

The difference between strictly ‘Post-Consumer’ recycled plastic and standard ‘Recycled’ plastic is that it has been rescued from the community and landfill. Many advertised recycled products are actually made from raw ‘Pre-Consumer’ recycled materials, so the plastic has not been used as a consumer product previously.

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Want Trashbags for your own home?

EP Tech supplies Commercial businesses directly. If you are a retail buyer interested in buying post-consumer recycled plastic products such as bin liners and kitchen tidy’s for your home, check out  find out more about where to buy our products, made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

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