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EP TECH has introduced a range of anti-counterfeiting and tracking technologies known as the D2T series. The D2T series has been specifically engineered to help the produces and manufactures of all types of products and commodities protect themselves from the ever increasing threat of counterfeiting.  D2T is a master batch system that can be utilized with existing plastic packaging making it cheap and easy to use.   


d2t Tag and Trace Technologies

One of EP TECH 's latest developments is a technology which provides protection for your product against counterfeiting. Most commonly counterfeited products are cigarettes, perfumes, records, watches and pharmaceuticals, but these criminals are targeting all well-known brands. We are here to prevent this happening to your company without your knowledge.

There is a growing counterfeiting business all over the world which has been perfected to the extent that it is sometimes impossible for the human eye to spot the difference between the original product and the fake.

This can lead to serious loss of profits for brand-owners and in some cases e.g. car parts or medicinal products, it can be highly dangerous.

Our scientists have been working hard and have developed d2t Trace and d2t Tag anti-counterfeiting technologies.


Your product can be packed in its usual packaging, but with d2t masterbatch included in the manufacturing of the plastic packaging. The human senses will not be able to notice the unique signature of the d2t in the packaging and the packaging will perform as normal. The cost is very low, as your packaging manufacturer will use the normal raw materials, with the same machinery and workforce. All he has to do is to include a small amount of d2tmasterbatch in the process.

EP TECH supplies a portable device called d2Detector, which will detect the d2t in the plastic packaging and will tell you whether the product wrapped in it is genuine or a fake. Thed2Detector can be used in a warehouse, a shop, by the Customs at ports of entry or anywhere else you may want to use it.


For high value products, or where it is essential to detect fakes for health and safety reasons, EP TECH can supply a highly sophisticated forensic tagging system. This consists of a silicon chip, no bigger than a grain of salt, into which we programme whatever data you chose. This can include date and place of manufacture, batch number, ingredients or anything else you may want to know. This data is encoded and can be read and decoded only by a portable reader which we also suplly and which is uniquely programmed for your product.

The silicon chip is completely inert, so it can be safely included in pharmaceutical pills and foodstuffs